Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You are Lord, You are Jesus

Hey there. Yea, I know that this blog hadn't been updated for like, long but hey, it's updated now. Yes, Jim composes another song, this one is entitled "You are Lord, You are Jesus". It basically talks about when things are not going our way, when everyone is against you, when we are troubled, and all the possible wrong things that will go wrong, we must always remember that God always had a plan to proper us, not to make us fail. There will be things that we might not understand, but trust that God is God, and remember that He created you and I. When we are troubled, trust that all your burdens are lifted, all your fears gone, all troubles forgotten, all chains gone, all bondages broken. The chorus of the song goes "You are Lord..." and it shows that we are proclaiming that He is Lord, thus trusting Him in every season. Then, it continues with "You are Jesus, who am I to compare to You?". Who are we to question God when things don't go our way? Then, the chorus again repeats "You are Lord, You are Jesus, nothing else can compare to You, Jesus" . Nothing can be compared to Jesus, even the biggest problems that you have, you can't compare it with Jesus. Enjoy this song, and may it minister to you. God bless. The link


I shall not fear

If the world caves in around me

For You hold me near

And all darkness shall flee

Your plans for me

Gives me hope and a future

Your will know I see

To see me prosper


The Great I Am

The perfect Lamb

My firm foundation

Lord of all creation


You are Lord

You are Jesus

Who am I compared to You?

You are Lord

You are Jesus

Nothing else can compare to You



All fears are gone

My troubles forsaken

In Your name

All chains are gone

Bondage be broken

In Your name

written for His Glory by
Jim Wu 2009

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