Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chicken then, boneless now.

Good day. Hammy here. Apparently, Jim was very very very excited today. I specifically have no idea why but he was excited over cutting up a chicken. Hm...reminds me of KFC, though I don't eat chicken meat but...hey, what am I talking here. Out of topic. Oh well, here is what Jim has to say:

Hi!!!!!! Jim here. Yes yes yes yes, I'm excited because....(drumroll..................................................................................................................................................) because, I cut up a whole chicken. HEhe, yes yes yes, I did. I cut a whole chicken up. I'm so ,, so, so excited. Haha. So, you will be wondering, why all of a sudden cut a chicken up? You hate chicken? Haha, absolutely not. Well, initially, I was supposed to prepare a dish for a pot bless party. I thought of preparing curry chicken. I went to Coles supermarket, but can't find chopped up chicken. There's only whole chicken, meaning, those are not chopped up yet. It's still one big piece. Oh well, what the heck. I just bought it. 2 whole chickens some more. That's a little bit too much right? Hm.. no la, coz my Malaysian mentality took over. THey are selling 2 chickens for like $10 something? That's cheap. I bought it, with some curry paste, this and that, onions, potatoes, and happily walked home.

Now, the surgery table. Haha, no no, the chopping board. I looked at the chicken and the chicken, well, didn't look back at me coz it's dead right? It is. Ok, anyway, as I unpack the chicken from the plastic bag, I realised it was 2 small chickens. Ceh..!! I thought it was 2 big, large chickens. Oh well. Then, I flipped it up and down, trying to figure out where to cut first. My chopping-up-the-chicken experience, zero. I'm only equipped with a chopper, and only a memory of watching the butcher chopping up the chicken when I was a small boy . That's all I have. ANd of course, a chopping board, and er..what Ehem..Anyway, let me see, ah...yes. So, I chopped the chicken into half. I literally chopped. Like, chopping a log, or something like that. It was quite loud. Well, not really but you get the idea. And I chop, chop chop, here and there, the wings, the thigh, then, the breast..then, here and there. Oh my, it was as if I was murdering someone. " Die! die! die!.." haha. I remembered my dad telling me about chopping the chicken. Cut the wings, the thigh, and the breast. That's what I remembered. How did it turned out in the end? The chicken was bloody. Pieces of meat everywhere. It was a mess, like a crime scene. I pity the chicken. In the end, I managed to chop it into decent looking pieces, and chucked it into the pot to boil.

Ok, so, that was what that initiated me to chop the chicken. Then, feeling not satisfied, I went to search on the internet and learnt how to chop the chicken. Not only that, I also learnt how to debone a chicken, which is interesting also..hehe. After that, with this burning passion to chop a chicken "properly", I bought another chicken again, and this time, it was so much better and here are some pictures to see.

Presenting, the chicken and the blade. Hm...reminded me of beauty and the beast.

Aha! Parts of chicken seperated. The thigh, the breast, the wing and the er...the rib cage..haha. At this moment, I felt to happy that I was able to do it. It looks like the chicken sold in supermarket. How cool!

Another picture. Look at the breast's so so shiny and haha, looks yummy.

Alright, the full deboned chicken. No bones left. All the meat are on the plate on the right. The bones on the left. And, the wing bone, drumstick bones and thigh bones at the bottom.

Somehow, I seemed to lost a thigh bone. Weird. I did look here and there for it.

So, yes, it was a success, and on my first try. I feel to nice you know. It's like an achievement to me. A milestone in my life...hehe. Oh ya, do you know that it's cheaper to buy a whole chicken? Yes, it's cheaper than those cut up ones. Alright then.

Monday, July 21, 2008


You heard it before, everywhere you go. People that you talk to..anyone you come across. Sweat...!! Yes, the one expression that I can say it new to me. Well, pity me. My master is one of those 'sweaty' person. So, what is it? Jim has something to say:

Yes, sweat sweat sweat...we here it like everywhere. Well, I only think we asians do it. Sweat is another word for lame (in my opinion). Someone walks to you, and tells you a very very lame joke, you will say "sweat...", or someone said something lame like,

"Aiyo, the table is too full. We can't really put anymore things on it. No space man".

"Yes, you are correct, no spaceman, but there are astronauts...".

Now, that is lame. Lameness is something you either get it naturally or you are influenced by people. Me, I got my lameness through mixing around with lame people. I wasn't lame before but as time goes by, I started to become one. How lame is that. Now, from a normal conversation, I can actually turn it into something lamer. Haha, it adds taste to it right? (at least).
Something that I still don't understand. When we want to express our lame expression, I mean, for the people who are on the receiving end, why they sweat? I mean, isn't lameness supposed to rhyme with coldness? Haha, ironic right? I mean, you sweat when it's hot. Why you still sweat when it's cold? Hm...interesting ya...Haha, the japanese anime really had much influence. I salute the Japanese animes. They really draw super well till you can actually know what they are expressing. Sad, happy, lame... they always manage to get the message across. Good good. Haha...
Anyway, back to the lame thing, why sweat huh? Interesting to know. Oh well, who cares why they call it's a lingo now. Everyone says it..haha, and I'm enjoying it..hehe, though it sometimes irritate people.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm cold...

Hammy here. Ya, it's cold, in Perth. So cold, that it's cold...haha, lame. Anyway, Jim's feeling cold too. Me? I'm ok with it. Him? He's complaining like crazy. Here is what he has to say:
Yes, it's a cold cold day in Perth and it's getting colder and colder everyday. How sucky is that. I mean, it's cold, and I don't like cold. Coz, think of it this way, when it's cold, (especially winter), it's cold everywhere. You can't really run from it. Whether under the roof or not, it's still cold. Use a heater you say...good idea, but, how much and how big can that heater supply you with heat? Now, what about summer? I prefer summer. Why? Ok, I know it's hot and sweaty and all but think of it this way. When it's hot, at least and at least, you can find shelter under a shady tree or something. Cool eh? Ya, that's already enough to shade you from the heat. If not, fan yourself. See what I mean?
I've been to Korea once and that's during winter. Oh my, that will be the last time that I go there, well, for now, coz, it's so so so cold. It snowed you know. Everywhere you go, it's winter and cold. The tap water, haha, cold as ice. Then, you will hate washing your hands. It makes your hands as cold as ice. How uncomfy is that. Hm...what else...
Ok, nevermind, back to Perth. I'm a guy who hates cold. I can't do much on anything. I wanted to jog, but it was too cold to jog, unless you want me to come back a piece of ice. Why I want to jog? Because I'm fat. Serious, my face is rounder and I no need to explain the rest. Why? Coz, I don't excercise, and I eat a lot, a lot, to keep me warm. Really, I have to eat to keep myself warm. So, I eat and eat and eat, and don't excercise. Eat all the time + don't excercise = becoming fat. Haih, a little sad but, nevermind, I shall lose all that fat when winter goes away. That way, I will be thin again by the time I get back to Malaysia. Haha...great plan. Good good.
Eversince I first step foot in Perth, I already cannot tahan(stand it). It was too cold for me. That was summer by the way when I came . It was cold. Cold cold cold. Well, anyway, I'm already used to the weather over here. All thanks to the extra 'fat' that I gained. One thing about the cold, it's dry. It turns your skin all dry. I mean, real real real dry. Even drier than what you used to experience in Malaysia. Your skin turns literally white in colour. Eew...and it hurts. Talk about dry lips. Ouch!! haha...oh well...
Besides all the coldness and all, it's a nice weather all together. Hehe...God's creation right? Amen!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you God's wife?

Hi, Hammy here, come come come...Jim has something to share..hehe. No, it's not about marriage. Well, not his marriage ( I mean, give him another 10 years...wait, that will be too old for Jim ain't it? Hm...give him 5-7 years la, haha, anyway, he's still young), but, our marriage with God. This is what Jim has to say:

Hi everyone. I was in Hillsong last week and was listening to Joyce Meyer preaching. Her sermons were superb. There was one message that she shared that was really really good. She shared about love. No, not about our love with our girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever friend, but love for our neighbours. No, not next door neighbours only, but people that we see everyday, people that we pass by on the street. The bible says love your neighbours as yourself, Matthew 19:19. She shared that love, is the highest form of spiritual warfare. No, not praying in tongues, rebuking and all, but love. Another point that she stressed is declare war on selfishness, and above all, put on love. Amazing. Her messages are simply so practical..I like. Then, she ended with this story, which is the main reason why I want to share this with you all.

One cold winter day, there's this young boy. He looks dirty due to his old rugged clothes. His feet were not covered at all as he has no shoes to wear. One look at him, you will think that he's a beggar, a pauper, a street kid. He was standing in front of a shoe shop, peeping through the display window, trying to get a glimpse of something that he had always wanted, a pair of warm shoes. He had been praying to God for a pair of shoes for a very very long time in order to keep himself warm. Then, came this lady. She saw this kid standing in front of the shop and was quite curious on what he was looking at. She came up to him, and asked him,

" Hi, what are you looking at? What's so interesting inside?".

"Hi miss. I was looking at that pair of shoe over there. I wish I could have them."

Looking at the physical appearance of the boy, the lady deduced that the boy was really really in need of a pair of shoes. Then, without hesitation, she took the boy into the shop. Bought him a pair of shoes that fits his feet just nicely. Later, she took the boy to the back of the shop, washed him, and next, bought him new clothes. Not only that, she bought him extra clothes to wear next time. Looking at her , with a thankful expression, he asked :

"Are you God's wife?"

People, we are God's wife. The church is the bride of Christ. God use us to show His compassion to others. As God's wife, we should help people, with love and compassion. Just to simple love people around you. Don't be so hard on them, don't be offended by them, forgive and just love them. There are people around you that need your help. So, lend a helping hand. Help them and love them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How I start my day with the Lord.

Hi, Jim here this time. Hehe, I did this without Hammy knowing it. Oh well, who cares. Afterall, I'm his master anyway..hahaha. Ok... is a day where everyone wish is a day that they have. Don't get what I mean? It's ok. I don't get it either. I know what you are thinking, -_-!!. Nevermind, I feel that way too.

Just a few days after the Hillsong conference(a christian conference), I still hear songs sung during the conference. They are so ever real I tell you. So so so real. Let me tell you what had happened since the past couple of days.

My morning devotion haven been the same again. I mean, it's different. Usually, I will just pray after spending my quiet time. This time, I sing. This is what I did. I will take my guitar out, strum it randomly, and let the holy spirit guide me in the singing. The experience was incredible and you can actually feel that the Holy Spirit is actually guiding you, in the songs that you sing. Yes, I will start out with singing a few songs first. My favourite is "Kau Yang Terindah" , meaning, you are the most beautiful. Then, the other songs will follow. After that, I will pray, while still strumming the guitar. Haha, to my surprise, I was able to play the guitar properly while still praying. Before this, I can't really talk and play at the same time. I mean, if I'm talking, I can't play, and if I'm playing, I can't talk. In other words, I can only do one thing at a time. Surprisingly, this time is different. I can do both, and I'm actually praying better, with more passion in it. Wow, again, it's the Holy Spirit's guidance. Amen! Praise God. Then, occasionally , there will be worshiping in tongues....huhu..magnificent experience. I can feel God's presence running through A great start to my day. Again, Praise God for everything. Hallelujah!!

Ok. That's it for now. Things are great! and I only have God to thank for. Take care and God bless.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hillsong Conference 2008!!!!

Harlo. Hammy here again. Yes. This time, Jim did spend some time on this. So, yes, due to that, I spend more time editing it. Jim Jim, so much work he gave me...I only have 4 paws you know. Jim wrote:

Yes, the conference. The reason why I am here in Sydney for. Haha...I can't actually put things into, actually, I can't describe it . Yes, I can't describe it till I can't actually find words to replace it. Ah...see...Nevermind that. Ok. Well, I apologize for the fuzzy pictures and blur ones as well. What to do, I don't have a good camera. Forgive me. My hands are also a little shivery, thus, the blur blur pictures.

The view from my point of view. Haha, er....I'm not having blury visions ok, it's just the camera. The arena is almost full, ready for the night rally. Hey women, would you please take your seat?

De Xin and her mum. Hm...can't make out who that is on the far left.

The arena, 97% full. Haha, we are getting there. Was told that there was actually 22000 of us in there., that's a lot of people.

The arena when it is just 50% full. I'm an early bird...hehe.

Guess who came. Henry Seeley of Planetshakers. What a surprise. He was with us in the songwriting workshop. I was like "wow, Henry Seeley is here. I gotta get this on camera". Haha, I did. Yes, this was the clearest I can get. Too bad.

Me, in the middle of the arena. Haha, now, that's close.

The arena, empty. No, not that it had finished. I was there early, so so so early. Good seats though.

During worship service. Yes, I took a photo in the middle of a worship session. Well, not middle la, but, the beginning. The lights are just so awesome right?

Israel Houghton and Darlene Zschech, my favourite. Can't imagine that I'm looking at two great songwriters. Haha. They shared about their experience in songwriting. Learned a lot from them.

Leeland(on the left) and Joel Houston giving their thoughts on songwriting.

Again, Israel and Darlene. Can't get enough of them, can't I?

The que outside the Acer Arena. Seriously, it was super cold. Wow...imagine all 22000 of us queing up outside the cold weather. Haha...Good experience pushing around the crowd.

Pia and I, haha...

My church team to Hillsong Conference 2008!!

Another scene in the Arena. Awaiting the morning service to start.

Yup. It was a great and awesome experience for me. I learnt many new things. God spoke to me a lot too. Was really blessed to be able to attend such conference. Haha, guess what, I had already signed up for it next year. Haha, I don't want to miss a thing. This year's speakers were great. You have Pastor Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Judah Smith and many more. Haha, what a great conference. If you all have a chance, don't hesitate, just come. God was gracious that He provided me with enough money to come. I didn't regret anything. That's all for now. God bless.

To Hillsong church, City Campus

Hi. Hammy here. Yes, Jim wants to tell you all about his trip to Hillsong church. Here goes:

Hello...Wonderful and glorious day it is. Yes, a group of us decided to go to Hillsong church. Yes, I was super excited. Haha, me? Attending a service in Hillsong church? Haha, I am. Anyway, this was what we saw on our way there. We walked to a designated spot where the Hillsong bus will pick us up to the church itself. How cool is that. They have a bus on their own.

Sunrise over the city of Sydney. Huhu, hot but cooling. A perfect weather for a Sunday .

No idea why I took this picture though. I

Yes, Hillsong Church. AAAAAHHHH!!! , me so excited. I'M IN HILLSONG CHURCH!!

See, told you. They have their own bus. Cool eh...When will Zion Praise Harvest gets a bus?

Crowd outside the church, awaiting for the doors to be open, awaiting the service to start. Haha, here I come...So many people la..

This is what is it looks like inside. Check out the big screen. huhu..that's big!!!

Haha, on our way back, we stumble upon this man playing guitar and balancing another on his head. I want to do that...haha.

That's it for my trip to Hillsong church. Haha, till next time. Take care and God bless.

Back from Hillsong

Hi people. Yes, Jim just came back from Sydney, from Hillsong conference actually. This is what he has to say:

Hi everyone. Haha, yes, I just got back from my trip to Sydney. Boy, I tell you, it was good, amazing, and er...good. Haha, it was great! Marvelous! excellent!.. and all the good word that you can put together. I was there for 11 days. I didn't even know that I will be there so long but yes, I was there for quite a long long long time(well, it did feel long though). So, let me see, where do I start. I went to Sydney 3 days before the conference started. The airport ain't bad at all ( I think).

This is the Sydney Opera house. I was so excited about it that I go and touch it. See how typical Malaysian I am. Hm...Anyway, it was so cold that I had difficulty taking pictures. Well, my hands were moving all the time. Can't hold still you know. Ok, so, here are some pictures that I took with my mobile camera. I was surprised that my handphone camera can really take clear pictures...haha. By the way, the pictures and the events are not cronological meaning that they are not in order. Here goes.

Ok, this is a dog. A statue of a dog. His name already but he was (known) to be the dog of queen Elizabeth. It talkes. Underneath it is a fountain, more of like a well. People throw coins inside for no reason. I think that these people who does that are wasting money. Er..come to think of it, I think I threw a 20 cents inside...haha.

This is a clock tower which reminds me of London but I'm not in London am I? Anyway....

Tram. (did I spell that correctly?) Yes, I see it everywhere like, everywhere on the roads. Careful not to be knocked down by one of these. Who knows, you'll get squashed or something (duh...).

This is what they call the chinese garden walk. Hello, I don't even see anything Chinese. Hm...maybe it's because Asians like me walk through this

Ah...yes, the famous Sydney Opera House. Do you know that the roof is not made up of one piece but of many thousands pieces of tiles. How do I know? Of course, I touched it..hehe. Nice eh...

This is also another famous landmark in Sydney. It's the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I went near it, under it and across it. Don't get what I mean? It's ok. In simpler terms, I was there..haha. People climb this bridge for a fee of $199++ and it took them like 2.5 hours to do so. I didn't as I don't have enough cash with me. Sad....

The building that you see in the background, that was where I bought all my souvenirs. Keychains, boomerang, koala( no , not real life ones of course), and many more. Cheap! I like!

Somewhere in the city. See, so busy. Notice that people are crossing the road, not just one or two, but many. Haha, that's how crowded Sydney was.

QVB (Queen Victoria Building). A shopping haven for ladies who are in particular of designer clothing. Men, think got la..but, haha, it's expensive. It's just another version of Suria KLCC.

A harbour near the Olympic Village in Sydney. Yes, I actually took the ferry back to the city. Managed to catch the sunset before it shys away from my camera.

Blue Mountains. I went for a tour up to Blue Mountain. It took us like about 1 hour to get there ? Why they call it Blue Mountain is because the trees on this mountain gives out particles of an oil and when the sun shines on it, it reflects a bluish colour thingy, thus naming is Blue Mountain. haha

Another picture of it. Hey, I'm on top the cloud level. I'm flying!

I had ribs in Sydney. It cost me $32. Hm..the picture actually looks a little smaller than the real life portion. This is a rib of a pork. It's a full rib. It's as big as 2/3 of my chest. That's how big it was. And.....

....I finished it. Incredible. When the dish was served, I told myself that I can't finish it. Well, I did...yeah...! A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips they say.

This guy is awesome. He played the harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine at the same time. How cool is that?

Harry's Pie. was super delicious. It's beef pie with mash potato and gravy on top of it. Hey, how often can you get such pie in other places. I tell you , the food it Sydney was awesome and heavenly. Haha, I loved it to the max.

A koala, eating while I took a picture of it. Guess it doesn't mind.

I call this the hairy chicken. Look at how hairy it is. Talk about birds becoming hairy.

China Town...haha, they have one here too.

Ok, let me introduce to you me friend, the Wallaby. I took this myself actually. Noticed how fat my cheeks are. Ew...

Croissant from Max Brenner. O...the best chocolate cafe in the world. By the way, that cost me like $5.50. It was worth it though although I'm not a fan of chocolate...haha.

Well, that concludes my Sydney trip. Haha, it was fun and exciting. Being a guy who spends his whole life as a simple person, the trip was amazing. Haha. Just to let you all know, I'm going there again next winter. God bless.

Alright, Hammy here again. That's all that Jim wants to say about his Sydney trip. Whao, talk about typing with my small paws. it's tiring ok but haha, I do it for the sunflower seeds.