Friday, December 26, 2008


Hi all. Hammy here . Here is another song written by Jim entitled "Immanuel". A little history about this song. This song was written as a christmas song for his church in Batu Pahat in December 2007. It talks about the God with us, thus, Emmanuel. You might be wondering why the title is spelled Immanuel. "E" or "I", it's the same, just different spelling, that's all, but still have the same meaning. It's the second christmas song that Jim wrote for Christmas. Now, this song had became more than a Christmas song but a song that sings about how close Jesus is wherever we are, whenever we are. Here the link to the song in Enjoy and may you be blesst.
Many years ago
You came down to us
As a little babe,
in a humble manger
For this, heaven and earth rejoice
Now a saviour is born, and He lives among us
He is King of kings, Lord of lords of nations
Worship Him lifting up our voices
To God be the glory, coz You had sent Your Son Jesus Christ
Immanuel God with us so close
My friend when I’m alone,
Jesus my very own
Immanuel God with us so close
Always there beside me,
all the time around me
Jesus , Emmanuel
Lost like sheeps we are, without a shepherd
In the dark so blind, couldn’t see ahead
Without a guide who do we turn to
Turn to You we do , our guide our shepherd
Jesus we obey everything You say
Just with Your light we know now what to do
Jesus draw me close to Your heart
You never let me go though I grow so old
Jesus hold me close in Your arms
The warmth and peace I feel
This is just, so real
This is just so real
Written for His glory,
December 2007
Jim Wu

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Edward Suryawinata (my blog is coming..:p) said...

Great Jim.. you're the best ^_^
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years