Monday, December 22, 2008

That's my Jesus

Hey all. Hammy here. Come come. Jim wrote a song, titled, "That's my Jesus". Unfortunately, I can't upload it on this blog because it's taking too long to upload. So, I put it in instead. Watch his video at . Here is the lyric. God Bless!!!
That's my Jesus
I woke up one Monday morning
After 24 hours of dreaming
Sitting up and thinking of what You did
A bright sunny day it is
I thank the Lord because it's His
Wonderful to see it all together
He doesn't care if it rains or shines
Big or small He just don't mind
As long as you call He will come
My Saviour and Redeemer
My friend my God my Father
Tha's my Jesus
My world my life my future
My strength my shield deliverer
That's my Jesus
That's my Jesus
No matter how far away you are from Him
He's always there beside you
No matter how long you take to find Him
He had already found you

Written for His glory

August 2008

Jim wu


Pauline said...

hey jim! it's awesome! well done :)


jim said...

hehe, thanks. Praise God..hehe.

Jason Lee said...

Good stuff Jim! I wanna hear it real life next time! =D

Chelle~ said...

Yea Jim..Its real awesome =)) nice song!

wtze said...

P-R-A-I-S-E T-H-E L-O-R-D!

Gloooooria said...

i really like this :)