Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kayak...paddle paddle paddle

Hi. Hammy here. It seems that Jim and his friends went kayaking and excluded me. Why? The reason is that he is scared that I might most probably fall into the water and get eaten by sharks. I think he lied to me but, oh well. I can swim ok. Anyway, here is what he has to say:

Hi everyone. Jim here. No, the reason why I don't want to bring Hammy along is for his own safety. See, so caring I am. Anyway, I went kayaking the recent Tuesday. I had my study break . The whole kayaking trip cost me $125 per person. There were around 22 of us, i think... It was quite worth it though. What is included? A tour around Penguin Island by a few guides. It was at Rockingham. 45 minutes down south. Then, there's lunch, kayaking and some more kayaking. Tired but still worth it. Here are the pictures and I let them do the talking for me. By the way, I took all these pictures with my not so good camera hehe. Hope you don't mind. Oh ya, I ain't that a photographer too.

This is what it looked like once we arrived. Beach, sea water, birds, sand, and more beach.

Leo just can't wait to get into the sea. See how unhappy he is. Make him happy people!!! hurry!!

All happy and excited to get out of the van and go kayaking. People, faster, please, out of the van...?!!

Apparently, there's a terrorist among us. "Silence, I'll kill you...!!"

Oh my, who's this dude? J to the I to the M.

For some reason, people just don't want to get out of the van. Hey, move it. Faster, get out!!

After much persuasion, Leonel eventually came out of the van, feeling so excited, happy and gay. Yeh!!

One of our guides untying the kayaks.

This guy says "....Hey, guide, would you please hurry up with our kayaks? We don't have all day you know.."

The threesomes!!! Yeh, time to kayak!!

I was walking down the beach and came across these thingys. At first , I thought that it was for the turtles to "park" and to lay eggs. What imagination that I have but I doubt that it is for that.

Me, on the beach. Yeh!!

Another view of the beach. Beautiful ain't it?

The guys... the mans...!!HAHA

Paying close attention to something.

Spider Johnson and Shawn.

Emperor Wu with his loyal subjects. One that serves him very well, another that drinks all the time, and another that just likes to hide and give surprises.

Mike and his steps taken.

"Cavemen, surrounding a "fire".

This is called bush food. Apparently, it can be eaten. The guide took it and ate it. Then, I was the next one to try it. I did. Guess what it taste like? Salty salad. Very very salty salad.

Mummy bird and her babies.

I call this, "The return". Emo guys. Who are they ...?

White caps...yeh!!

You have stairway to heaven. This is stairway to the beach....

Our kayaks. Birds, get away. Shoo!!!

Toilets. They are environmentally friendly. Cause, whatever you discard in here, they will store it for 3 years, and after that, use for fertilisers i think.

Penguins. Hai!!!

I'm fat and chubby. Don't pinch me k.

Me acting cute. You likey?

Following the leader, the leader the leader.....Food is this way. Come and follow me.

What's your name? I'm penguinee. What's yours?

After seeing her feeding the penguins, it's our turn to be fed. Hooray!! nice food.

Two penguins. A black and a white one. They are apparently trying to mate. hahaha.

These two also wanted to do the same but I don't encourage so.

Look at this macho man.

Taking a nap.

After all that, we kayaked back to our starting point after kayaking one big circle around the island.

A singh and a japanese?

Look at them. Just finished everything and they are already checking to see whether their BF msged them or not.

The end. Bye bye.


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haha... threesome sounds way wrong, man! =P

btw, i nearly cant recognise u in the dude photo wor... and seems that u've become darker liao...

anw, guess u had fun gua?? that's great!! haha... and hor... the penguins are so so cute~~~