Sunday, February 8, 2009

The story of Le Le and Ning Ning

Hey, Hammy here. Come and listen to a story. Here goes...

Once upon a time, there lived two hamsters named Le Le and Ning Ning. They both started out as normal and ordinary friends. They go to college together, and after graduating, they worked together as sunflower seeds collectors. They didn't really expect that they would be together for so so so long.

One day, Le Le was excited about something. He found a huge sunflower seed . It was so huge that he can't carry it by himself. So, he called for help, and guess who came, Ning Ning. It had been one and a half years since they knew one another. Ning Ning , while helping Le Le to remove the huge sunflower seed asked him whether he wants to go out, or to hang out some place after work. Le Le agreed and they went, and hanged out in Jim's room while he was out. They had so much fun messing Jim's stuff all over until Jim's room really look like a hamster's nest. After an hour doing that, they rest, and decided to lie down for a while on one of Jim's glove.

Ning Ning broke the silence and started talking."So Le Le, wasn't that fun? "

"Yes, of course it was" answered Ning Ning while trying to catch his breath.

"Know what, I had fun today, expecially with you you know? What will I do without you." Le Le added.

After thinking for a few moment, Ning Ning answered "What will you do without me? Haha, hm...yea right? You'll do fine without me. Trust me. You're alright."

"No no, I don't think so. Think about it, I mean, most of the time, well, all the time, when I'm in trouble, who will be there to help me? Who else but you? I've been lonely before and who was the one who came and be my friend? You're the best I've ever had you know." replied Le Le.

"Nah, well today, you helped me carry that huge sunflower seed. I can't do it by myself you know." answered Ning Ning, hoping to prove Le Le wrong.

Le Le replied , "Well, it will be nothing compared the the countless times you had helped me, right? "

Then, there was silence between the two. Some thing happened between that two at that moment. There was something, how do you say? Chemistry!! Yes yes, chemistry between the both of them. Then, Le Le broke the silence once again .

"Ning Ning, I think we should be together. I mean, we are always seen together, and , we work together, we help one another...I think we should be together you know. What do you think?"

Le Le was a little confused. He was a little shocked at her question. It was really unexpected. For a moment, he turned his back , and try to think through. He was trying to calm down.

Le Le was thinking really really hard at that moment. He wasn't expecting that she will ask him this question at all. In secret, Le Le did have a crush on Ning Ning for quite some time already. It's only due to work that he thought he should keep his emotions to himself and himself only. At the same time, he doesn't want their beautiful friendship to be ruined. What if things don't go well in future? Will they still be friends again? Many questions were in his little hamster head.

It had been 5 minutes since they last spoke. The atmosphere was beginning to get tensed. Le Le was a little worried and inside her, she regreted asking him that. Why did she even say that in the first place?

Ning Ning said to herself softly "Stupid!! That's so stupid Ning Ning. Well , there you go. You must say that to him. You....ish ish...stupid stupid!!!.....".

Turning back to Ning Ning, Le Le answered for the first time since the silent moment "Yes? You said something? "

"Er, no no, ha ha, no no, didn't say anything. Was just saying that it's nice being here, it's" answered Ning Ning nervously.

Taking a deep deep breath, Le Le calmly answer Ning Ning's question. " Ning Ning, you must know something. I had had a crush on you for quite some time now. I love hanging out with you all the time. It never fails to put a smile on my face. Thinking back about the times we had been together, in our work place, college, I had a lot of fun. I did learn a lot of things from you". At this moment,Ning Ning was a little shy thus daren't look straight into Le Le's eyes. Le Le still continued " And, looking back, yes, I think we should be together. We had been friends for quite some time already now, and , I think that we should take in to another level".

"You think so?" asked Ning Ning with full of expectations.

"Yup, I think so, and yea, I think we would be fine and great being together..hehe. Who knows...right? "

The rest was history. You know the rest right? They fell in love, and guess what, as a token to show his love for Ning Ning, Le Le made a heart shape out of a RM10 dollar note. How romantic.

There you go. A simple love story of two hamsters.


Chelle~ said...

haha..simple yet romantic^^ sometimes we just wish things will be so simple huh ;)

wtze said...

*rotfl* got le le and ning ning confused in the middle of the story. they actually changed gender somewhere in the middle if you noticed =P
lol! but overall it did put a smile on my face cuz it!!