Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Life Worship

Hey all. Jim here. I was just randomly browsing through the net and guess what I found, New Life Worship. New Life Worship is a church based in Colarado in the US. I had grown up with Hillsongs and Planeshakers' music eversince I first became a Christian. I must say, their music is great too, and they had touched many lives with their songs. New Life Worship has songs that are a little different than the ones of Hillsongs and Planetshakers. Well, it's something different. All the while, I thought only Hillsongs and Planetshakers exist...hehe, but now, I've been exposed to many other music groups like Israel Houghton, New Breed, Gateway Worship and their songs never fail to touch me. I believe that there are plenty more of songs out there that I had yet to hear. By God's grace, hopefully my horizon will be expended. This is a video clip of New Life Worship. God bless.

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