Saturday, December 20, 2008

Exams...and here's the results.

Good day people. Jim here again. Yup yup. I just want to share something with all of you. Yeah, it's kinda like a testimony too. Here goes.


First of all, all the credit goes to God. Yup. Why? Because, without Him, I wouldn't had got what I got. Alright. This semester, God had blessed me with satisfactory results in my recent final exam. It was scary, stressful and painful at the same time.


At the beginning of the semester, I told God that I will trust in Him no matter what happens. Yes, I made that promise with Him. Well, God heard it and guess what He did, me tested me, to see whether I really meant what I said. So, as you all know, I never fail any test in my entire life. Well, as long as I can remember, I don't fail, except for those compulsory chinese test that I gotta sit, other than that, I never fail. Hm...ok, not never la, but very very seldom. Even if I do, it's like once in a blue moon. So seldom. Anyway, as a uni student, of course, tests are inevitable. So, I had the normal test as usual. Ok, the results were not bad. Then, came math. I had like 6 tests. Yes, and I figured, if I pass all the tests, all the tests, then I will pass the unit. You see, I can't fail in any unit. Why? Because, if I were to fail, there goes my scholarship from my government. Then, too bad, I can't study in Australia anymore. So, yes, a little desperate to not fail, and pressured to perfrom well in uni. It's my first time that I'm expected to do well. Back in my high school days, as long as I try my best, it's alright. So, back to my math tests, I had 6 of them. I passed 2 of them, and failed the rest. Now, that's not good. I kept of failing till a point I felt that failing is a norm for me. I was a little scared. Scared that I can't pass the unit. I was like almost prepared for the worst. I was thinking over my options you know. If I fail, which other uni I can go and all that.


Then, it came to me that I once told God that I will trust in Him no matter what. This is a test from him. He told me this :


"Jim, you once told me that you will trust in my no matter what. Well, what about now? Do you still trust me? ".


No matter what , I still have to trust in Him. I surrendered my results into His hands. No matter the results, may His will be done in my life and of course in my exam.


Not only my maths, but I failed one of my electronic unit. It was sad to see yourself fail paper after paper you know. You are like, " what is going to happen to me ar? " . The exam period came and I studied my best. I thank God that He gave me a hardworking spirit to be able to study long hours almost everyday. I stayed in the library from 10am in the morning till 10pm at night. It was the longest that I had ever spent my time in the library. Haha. He gave me encouragement, telling me that it's ok. just try your best, and God will do the rest. He gave me friends so that when I study, I do not need to be lonely. You know how stressful it is to study alone. It is. I've been through it before..hehe.


Exam came, and I sat for the paper. I answered all teh questions with satisfaction. I felt more confident again. Then, came the results, and guess what , it was more than I had expected. 3 Distinctions and a Credit. Wow, it was amazing and all the credit goes to Him. Without Him, who knows what results that I will obtain.


A few things to learn from this. When you tell God that you want to do this and this, be prepared, coz, He will sometimes wants to test you to see whether it's genuine. Another thing, no matter what happens, continue to trust in Him because He is the one that plans your life, and knows you better than you do. I always have this analogy. See, God, He has this big big big picture of your life and He shows it to you. But , due to your small human eye, you can't really see all of it. Maybe just a small part of the picture but definitely not all. So, sometimes, when things happen that doesn't go your way, you blame God or something like that. Guess what, God loves you and He had planned everything out for you. He knows what is best for you. Same thing like a father disciplining a child. The child may not like it but the father knows that it is for the good of the child.


Isaiah 55:8-9

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways , declares the Lord

As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways,

and my thoughts than your thoughts. "


cal said...

superb! ^^

Chelle~ said...

Amen! =) God is good.All the time~