Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi. Yes, as you can see it on the picture, it's frustration. Jim here by the way. It's a frustrating day. Haha..I can still laugh about it...weird. Anyway, here's what happened.
Plan to sleep and wake up at 2am to do my lab report but instead woke up at 4am. Ya, I woke up feeling a little angry with myself. Nevermind.
Did my lab report till 7am. Came to uni, discussed with friend about lab report.
Disagreed with what he said. I still insist that I'm still correct about my lab.
Did some more work.
Discussed with friend again, disagreed with him again. Haha...
Did more lab work. Went to see lecturer.
Came back, discussed with friend and what did you know, that stubborn still insist that he was right. I stood my ground and told him that THE LECTURER said so. What are you gonna do about it...huh...
Went to the lab to re-do some part of the experiment. My friend arranged the wires here and there in a confident way( and confusing too). I felt that there was something not right and I myself was confused too. I told him to take it out again and re-do it but no... Good thing that there's someone there to support me. He iterated what I said to my lab partner (oh ya, there were 3 of us). Finally, we re-do it again, connecting the wires here and there. See, told you, do it again and it's more clear.
Done my lab and report. I went to the office and submitted the lab report. I laid my hands upon it and asked God to bless it. Well, it's all up to Him now.
Now, blabing here..haha. At night, plenty more of work to do.
Despite all that, I still feel ok, though I'm a little tensed now. Oh well. God is my strength, my shield, my portion, my everything. What shall I worry about when I have God. Psalms 46:10. "Be still and know I am God....". I sent an sms to one of my friend today. I thought this verse was for my friend but I didn't know it was for me. Haha...yes yes. It means, relax, chill, for God is in control. I like this verse. Oh yeah!!
Ok bye, don't disturb. Saya nak buat kerja ni. Nanti masa depan baru aku blog lagi ya...Bye, jumpa lagi.
ps: for those of you who doesn't understand this, it's Malay. Hehe...

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