Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi everyone, Jim. Well, my secretary , Hammy had been away for some time already. He hadn't been updating the blog did he? Oh well, you want to get a job done, you better do it yourself. Apparently, Hammy is now in UK. Do not ask me why and what but, he'll soon be back, I hope.

Anyway, fasting..yes yes. What about it? Recently, I had fasted for almost 40 days now for Malaysia. 40 days prior to Malaysia's Independent day. What do I fast on? I fast from solid food from 12-5pm. It wasn't easy coz, I eat a lot and skipping lunch ain't something that you can just skip it for fun. I need food, all the time. So far so good. I have like 6 more days to go till my fast ends.

Oh no, it doesn't end there though. This weekend, I will be fasting for 40 hours from solid food. Now, that will be the hard one. I'm fasting for the children in India. Most of the children in India, are denied the right to education. Why? Coz they are forced to work for their family. They will work about 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. Worst than that, they are only paid like 15 cents a day only. If they don't work, their family don't eat. That simple. How fortunate we are that we have food to eat. So, that's why, I'm fasting for them. Anyway, this 40 hour fast was organised by World Vision, and body that helps to make poverty history all around the world. With the money I raised, I can feed a single child for a month, that is if I raise $40.

Let us remember that, their impossible , is our possible.

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KS said...

Hey, all the best to u ar!! haha... can lose weight... gud vision... anw, UK = Ulu Klang? hehe...