Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For you...Happy Chinese New Year

To my beloved juniors. I hope that only you all will read this but no one else. That's why I purposely edit my old post, a smart move you think? Dunno la, I just thought about it hehe. Anyway, if you are reading this, it means you already received my 'ang pow'. Well, since I can't really actually give money, I thought of indirectly giving you all 'ang pow' but with a message. Hehe...so, straight to the point. Why the RM10 notes, and not the green blueish RM50 notes...haha.

Red symbolises Jesus' blood, and also Chinese New Year. The blood that He had shed for us. CNY has many similarities with Jesus eh? Why a heart? The heart symbolises your own individual hearts. Hearts that belongs to Jesus. Notice that there is a shiny silver strip on the left side. That's where our human heart is, on our left. As you see the silver strip , it's reflects light right? The same thing with our hearts, we must reflect Jesus, and be lights of the world Matt 5. Notice the star that blast out of the heart? The different directions that it points? It is for the people around you. We are given a great commission, and that is to bring the gospel to all, no matter which direction, north , south , east , west... Then, notice the malay words, "ini sah" on the bottom? It declares that this heart, is real and is always true to Jesus. If y ou turn to the back, "RM" is obviously visible, and is stands for "remember me" . Remember who? Remember Jesus, and always put Him first in your hearts. There's where the visible number one comes into the picture.

Wow, I didn't know that this can actually symbolise so many things. Yup. That's all I have to say. It's up to you all to do whatever you all want with it. Take care, and God bless.

jim koko


wtze said...

T.T ..........it made me cry
was too original.......

Anonymous said...

How can miso soup sing????

Peiling said...

Jim koko...

Thank you for the heart,didnt know that behind a small piece of note,it brings such great meaning and symbolism.

Yup truly,its a heart for Jesus.Only for Him and no one else.
Every thump of the heart, tells the story of how much He had done for us, and how much more He wants to do for us.

Will keep that heart safe,not with me but with Him.He shall be the guardian to my heart eternally.

Love ya ^^

steffie said...

wahaha.. finally the time has come. n v received the 'heart'. thanks a lot for once again remind me that my heart is in Him. i didn't know there's so many hidden meaning in this heart, a heart that truly for Jesus..