Friday, August 1, 2008


Hi. Jim here. Why I said sickening? Come, let me tell you why.
I was walking in my uni, and then, I headed towards the library. Just outside the entrance, I saw a group of people, signing something. They were crowding around a table, a small one in fact. Curious, I wanted to know. Actually, I wasn't that curious after all. I kinda know what was it. Anyway, just to satisfy my curiosity, I went over. As soon as I took my first step towards the table , this guy approached me and asked me something that I will always despise:
" Hi, do you want to sign a petition for same sex marriage? "
"Oh, no thank you. " I answered while waving my hand indicating a 'no'. Then, as soon as I walked past them, I said "sickening".
Ya, it's really really sickening to see people doing this. Same sex marriage? What is that? It's disgusting and just disgusting. Why can men fall in love with men and how can a women even fall in love with a women? I just don't understand and I just don't get it. Biologically, I have no idea how this could happen. I just feel like telling a gay or a lesbian "haha, yeah, all the best in having a baby!". Oh, sickening. Imagine, a rooster mating with another rooster, a male lion mating with a male lion, mickey mouse marrying mickey mouse, daisy duck live happily ever after with daisy duck, cinderella engaged to snow, you tell me, is that wrong or what? Don't tell me it's just a fairy tale, well, same sex marriage is just the same...duh!
Can't believe what is happening to the world today. It's just retarded. Not right. God forbids, the bible forbids, I forbid, sane people forbid. Again, just , sickening.
God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He made man, and see that he was lonely, thus making him a woman, to keep him company. Then, God made man and woman to be together, to enjoy one another in their marriage. That's the beauty of God's creation. Ain't He a genius or what!
Anyway, I can give you thousands upon thousands of examples why same sex marriage is wrong. Look around you , and you will see why. I'm not too sure why people succumb to fall in love with a person of the same sex. Lonely? Desperate? Easier to get close to a person of the same sex? Whatever it is, it's wrong. Snap out of it. God loves us. Don't destroy yourself by getting involved in such a thing. God can help you. Just say a simple prayer to Him, and He shall answer, I guarantee.
God bless!

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Agnostic Christian said...

I'm don't like gays and lesbians. But that doesn't mean I think they are wrong. You simply can't use every example in the Bible to justify your morality stand.

Adam and Eve only have two sons. Tell me, how two men can have children? If you insist God creates humans, that's fine with me. But doesn't this also mean those two sons have to commit incest with Eve since Eve is the only female there?

Conclusion, you can't use your belief to justify every behaviour of other people. It's unfair and that's not tolerance a Christian should have.

And dun tell me, the incest between two sons and Eve is just metaphorical. Christians are good in determining which part of Bible is metaphorical and which part isn't.

Btw, translation of the Old Testament was faulty. When StJerome translated it, he didn't even know ancient Hebrew(which the Old Testament was originally written in). So, your so-called morality reference turns out to be not so reliable.