Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chicken then, boneless now.

Good day. Hammy here. Apparently, Jim was very very very excited today. I specifically have no idea why but he was excited over cutting up a chicken. Hm...reminds me of KFC, though I don't eat chicken meat but...hey, what am I talking here. Out of topic. Oh well, here is what Jim has to say:

Hi!!!!!! Jim here. Yes yes yes yes, I'm excited because....(drumroll..................................................................................................................................................) because, I cut up a whole chicken. HEhe, yes yes yes, I did. I cut a whole chicken up. I'm so ,, so, so excited. Haha. So, you will be wondering, why all of a sudden cut a chicken up? You hate chicken? Haha, absolutely not. Well, initially, I was supposed to prepare a dish for a pot bless party. I thought of preparing curry chicken. I went to Coles supermarket, but can't find chopped up chicken. There's only whole chicken, meaning, those are not chopped up yet. It's still one big piece. Oh well, what the heck. I just bought it. 2 whole chickens some more. That's a little bit too much right? Hm.. no la, coz my Malaysian mentality took over. THey are selling 2 chickens for like $10 something? That's cheap. I bought it, with some curry paste, this and that, onions, potatoes, and happily walked home.

Now, the surgery table. Haha, no no, the chopping board. I looked at the chicken and the chicken, well, didn't look back at me coz it's dead right? It is. Ok, anyway, as I unpack the chicken from the plastic bag, I realised it was 2 small chickens. Ceh..!! I thought it was 2 big, large chickens. Oh well. Then, I flipped it up and down, trying to figure out where to cut first. My chopping-up-the-chicken experience, zero. I'm only equipped with a chopper, and only a memory of watching the butcher chopping up the chicken when I was a small boy . That's all I have. ANd of course, a chopping board, and er..what Ehem..Anyway, let me see, ah...yes. So, I chopped the chicken into half. I literally chopped. Like, chopping a log, or something like that. It was quite loud. Well, not really but you get the idea. And I chop, chop chop, here and there, the wings, the thigh, then, the breast..then, here and there. Oh my, it was as if I was murdering someone. " Die! die! die!.." haha. I remembered my dad telling me about chopping the chicken. Cut the wings, the thigh, and the breast. That's what I remembered. How did it turned out in the end? The chicken was bloody. Pieces of meat everywhere. It was a mess, like a crime scene. I pity the chicken. In the end, I managed to chop it into decent looking pieces, and chucked it into the pot to boil.

Ok, so, that was what that initiated me to chop the chicken. Then, feeling not satisfied, I went to search on the internet and learnt how to chop the chicken. Not only that, I also learnt how to debone a chicken, which is interesting also..hehe. After that, with this burning passion to chop a chicken "properly", I bought another chicken again, and this time, it was so much better and here are some pictures to see.

Presenting, the chicken and the blade. Hm...reminded me of beauty and the beast.

Aha! Parts of chicken seperated. The thigh, the breast, the wing and the er...the rib cage..haha. At this moment, I felt to happy that I was able to do it. It looks like the chicken sold in supermarket. How cool!

Another picture. Look at the breast's so so shiny and haha, looks yummy.

Alright, the full deboned chicken. No bones left. All the meat are on the plate on the right. The bones on the left. And, the wing bone, drumstick bones and thigh bones at the bottom.

Somehow, I seemed to lost a thigh bone. Weird. I did look here and there for it.

So, yes, it was a success, and on my first try. I feel to nice you know. It's like an achievement to me. A milestone in my life...hehe. Oh ya, do you know that it's cheaper to buy a whole chicken? Yes, it's cheaper than those cut up ones. Alright then.


Chelle~ said...

Wow..not bad~ =) pass to be a househusband =P

KS said...

Not bad not bad!! haha... so, u finished the whole chicken urslf eh? aiks~