Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How I start my day with the Lord.

Hi, Jim here this time. Hehe, I did this without Hammy knowing it. Oh well, who cares. Afterall, I'm his master anyway..hahaha. Ok... is a day where everyone wish is a day that they have. Don't get what I mean? It's ok. I don't get it either. I know what you are thinking, -_-!!. Nevermind, I feel that way too.

Just a few days after the Hillsong conference(a christian conference), I still hear songs sung during the conference. They are so ever real I tell you. So so so real. Let me tell you what had happened since the past couple of days.

My morning devotion haven been the same again. I mean, it's different. Usually, I will just pray after spending my quiet time. This time, I sing. This is what I did. I will take my guitar out, strum it randomly, and let the holy spirit guide me in the singing. The experience was incredible and you can actually feel that the Holy Spirit is actually guiding you, in the songs that you sing. Yes, I will start out with singing a few songs first. My favourite is "Kau Yang Terindah" , meaning, you are the most beautiful. Then, the other songs will follow. After that, I will pray, while still strumming the guitar. Haha, to my surprise, I was able to play the guitar properly while still praying. Before this, I can't really talk and play at the same time. I mean, if I'm talking, I can't play, and if I'm playing, I can't talk. In other words, I can only do one thing at a time. Surprisingly, this time is different. I can do both, and I'm actually praying better, with more passion in it. Wow, again, it's the Holy Spirit's guidance. Amen! Praise God. Then, occasionally , there will be worshiping in tongues....huhu..magnificent experience. I can feel God's presence running through A great start to my day. Again, Praise God for everything. Hallelujah!!

Ok. That's it for now. Things are great! and I only have God to thank for. Take care and God bless.

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