Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hillsong Conference 2008!!!!

Harlo. Hammy here again. Yes. This time, Jim did spend some time on this. So, yes, due to that, I spend more time editing it. Jim Jim, so much work he gave me...I only have 4 paws you know. Jim wrote:

Yes, the conference. The reason why I am here in Sydney for. Haha...I can't actually put things into words...er...wait, actually, I can't describe it . Yes, I can't describe it till I can't actually find words to replace it. Ah...see...Nevermind that. Ok. Well, I apologize for the fuzzy pictures and blur ones as well. What to do, I don't have a good camera. Forgive me. My hands are also a little shivery, thus, the blur blur pictures.

The view from my point of view. Haha, er....I'm not having blury visions ok, it's just the camera. The arena is almost full, ready for the night rally. Hey women, would you please take your seat?

De Xin and her mum. Hm...can't make out who that is on the far left.

The arena, 97% full. Haha, we are getting there. Was told that there was actually 22000 of us in there. Wow...now, that's a lot of people.

The arena when it is just 50% full. I'm an early bird...hehe.

Guess who came. Henry Seeley of Planetshakers. What a surprise. He was with us in the songwriting workshop. I was like "wow, Henry Seeley is here. I gotta get this on camera". Haha, I did. Yes, this was the clearest I can get. Too bad.

Me, in the middle of the arena. Haha, now, that's close.

The arena, empty. No, not that it had finished. I was there early, so so so early. Good seats though.

During worship service. Yes, I took a photo in the middle of a worship session. Well, not middle la, but, the beginning. The lights are just so awesome right?

Israel Houghton and Darlene Zschech, my favourite. Can't imagine that I'm looking at two great songwriters. Haha. They shared about their experience in songwriting. Learned a lot from them.

Leeland(on the left) and Joel Houston giving their thoughts on songwriting.

Again, Israel and Darlene. Can't get enough of them, can't I?

The que outside the Acer Arena. Seriously, it was super cold. Wow...imagine all 22000 of us queing up outside the cold weather. Haha...Good experience pushing around the crowd.

Pia and I, haha...

My church team to Hillsong Conference 2008!!

Another scene in the Arena. Awaiting the morning service to start.

Yup. It was a great and awesome experience for me. I learnt many new things. God spoke to me a lot too. Was really blessed to be able to attend such conference. Haha, guess what, I had already signed up for it next year. Haha, I don't want to miss a thing. This year's speakers were great. You have Pastor Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Judah Smith and many more. Haha, what a great conference. If you all have a chance, don't hesitate, just come. God was gracious that He provided me with enough money to come. I didn't regret anything. That's all for now. God bless.

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