Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from Hillsong

Hi people. Yes, Jim just came back from Sydney, from Hillsong conference actually. This is what he has to say:

Hi everyone. Haha, yes, I just got back from my trip to Sydney. Boy, I tell you, it was good, amazing, and er...good. Haha, it was great! Marvelous! excellent!.. and all the good word that you can put together. I was there for 11 days. I didn't even know that I will be there so long but yes, I was there for quite a long long long time(well, it did feel long though). So, let me see, where do I start. I went to Sydney 3 days before the conference started. The airport ain't bad at all ( I think).

This is the Sydney Opera house. I was so excited about it that I go and touch it. See how typical Malaysian I am. Hm...Anyway, it was so cold that I had difficulty taking pictures. Well, my hands were moving all the time. Can't hold still you know. Ok, so, here are some pictures that I took with my mobile camera. I was surprised that my handphone camera can really take clear pictures...haha. By the way, the pictures and the events are not cronological meaning that they are not in order. Here goes.

Ok, this is a dog. A statue of a dog. His name is...er...hm..forgotten already but he was (known) to be the dog of queen Elizabeth. It talkes. Underneath it is a fountain, more of like a well. People throw coins inside for no reason. I think that these people who does that are wasting money. Er..come to think of it, I think I threw a 20 cents inside...haha.

This is a clock tower which reminds me of London but I'm not in London am I? Anyway....

Tram. (did I spell that correctly?) Yes, I see it everywhere like, everywhere on the roads. Careful not to be knocked down by one of these. Who knows, you'll get squashed or something (duh...).

This is what they call the chinese garden walk. Hello, I don't even see anything Chinese. Hm...maybe it's because Asians like me walk through this walk..hm...

Ah...yes, the famous Sydney Opera House. Do you know that the roof is not made up of one piece but of many thousands pieces of tiles. How do I know? Of course, I touched it..hehe. Nice eh...

This is also another famous landmark in Sydney. It's the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I went near it, under it and across it. Don't get what I mean? It's ok. In simpler terms, I was there..haha. People climb this bridge for a fee of $199++ and it took them like 2.5 hours to do so. I didn't as I don't have enough cash with me. Sad....

The building that you see in the background, that was where I bought all my souvenirs. Keychains, boomerang, koala( no , not real life ones of course), and many more. Cheap! I like!

Somewhere in the city. See, so busy. Notice that people are crossing the road, not just one or two, but many. Haha, that's how crowded Sydney was.

QVB (Queen Victoria Building). A shopping haven for ladies who are in particular of designer clothing. Men, er...hm...I think got la..but, haha, it's expensive. It's just another version of Suria KLCC.

A harbour near the Olympic Village in Sydney. Yes, I actually took the ferry back to the city. Managed to catch the sunset before it shys away from my camera.

Blue Mountains. I went for a tour up to Blue Mountain. It took us like about 1 hour to get there ? Why they call it Blue Mountain is because the trees on this mountain gives out particles of an oil and when the sun shines on it, it reflects a bluish colour thingy, thus naming is Blue Mountain. haha

Another picture of it. Hey, I'm on top the cloud level. I'm flying!

I had ribs in Sydney. It cost me $32. Hm..the picture actually looks a little smaller than the real life portion. This is a rib of a pork. It's a full rib. It's as big as 2/3 of my chest. That's how big it was. And.....

....I finished it. Incredible. When the dish was served, I told myself that I can't finish it. Well, I did...yeah...! A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips they say.

This guy is awesome. He played the harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine at the same time. How cool is that?

Harry's Pie. Ooooo...it was super delicious. It's beef pie with mash potato and gravy on top of it. Hey, how often can you get such pie in other places. I tell you , the food it Sydney was awesome and heavenly. Haha, I loved it to the max.

A koala, eating while I took a picture of it. Guess it doesn't mind.

I call this the hairy chicken. Look at how hairy it is. Talk about birds becoming hairy.

China Town...haha, they have one here too.

Ok, let me introduce to you me friend, the Wallaby. I took this myself actually. Noticed how fat my cheeks are. Ew...

Croissant from Max Brenner. O...the best chocolate cafe in the world. By the way, that cost me like $5.50. It was worth it though although I'm not a fan of chocolate...haha.

Well, that concludes my Sydney trip. Haha, it was fun and exciting. Being a guy who spends his whole life as a simple person, the trip was amazing. Haha. Just to let you all know, I'm going there again next winter. Hahah...fun. God bless.

Alright, Hammy here again. That's all that Jim wants to say about his Sydney trip. Whao, talk about typing with my small paws. it's tiring ok but haha, I do it for the sunflower seeds.

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KS said...

11 days.... tat's reli reli long... but when u got holiday hor, surely finish vy vy fast one la... haha... the chinese walk not only dun look chinese... one single chinese oso dun haf ar... haha... well, except a malaysian chinese who came frm perth la... haha!! oh ya.. mayb the trees are chinese... hmm~ wa~ the rib so exp one ar?! haha.. muz b delicious wor....

hairy chicken?! evolution o? haha... anw, u seem to reli enjoy urslf back there in sydney... haha... gud gud!!