Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you God's wife?

Hi, Hammy here, come come come...Jim has something to share..hehe. No, it's not about marriage. Well, not his marriage ( I mean, give him another 10 years...wait, that will be too old for Jim ain't it? Hm...give him 5-7 years la, haha, anyway, he's still young), but, our marriage with God. This is what Jim has to say:

Hi everyone. I was in Hillsong last week and was listening to Joyce Meyer preaching. Her sermons were superb. There was one message that she shared that was really really good. She shared about love. No, not about our love with our girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever friend, but love for our neighbours. No, not next door neighbours only, but people that we see everyday, people that we pass by on the street. The bible says love your neighbours as yourself, Matthew 19:19. She shared that love, is the highest form of spiritual warfare. No, not praying in tongues, rebuking and all, but love. Another point that she stressed is declare war on selfishness, and above all, put on love. Amazing. Her messages are simply so practical..I like. Then, she ended with this story, which is the main reason why I want to share this with you all.

One cold winter day, there's this young boy. He looks dirty due to his old rugged clothes. His feet were not covered at all as he has no shoes to wear. One look at him, you will think that he's a beggar, a pauper, a street kid. He was standing in front of a shoe shop, peeping through the display window, trying to get a glimpse of something that he had always wanted, a pair of warm shoes. He had been praying to God for a pair of shoes for a very very long time in order to keep himself warm. Then, came this lady. She saw this kid standing in front of the shop and was quite curious on what he was looking at. She came up to him, and asked him,

" Hi, what are you looking at? What's so interesting inside?".

"Hi miss. I was looking at that pair of shoe over there. I wish I could have them."

Looking at the physical appearance of the boy, the lady deduced that the boy was really really in need of a pair of shoes. Then, without hesitation, she took the boy into the shop. Bought him a pair of shoes that fits his feet just nicely. Later, she took the boy to the back of the shop, washed him, and next, bought him new clothes. Not only that, she bought him extra clothes to wear next time. Looking at her , with a thankful expression, he asked :

"Are you God's wife?"

People, we are God's wife. The church is the bride of Christ. God use us to show His compassion to others. As God's wife, we should help people, with love and compassion. Just to simple love people around you. Don't be so hard on them, don't be offended by them, forgive and just love them. There are people around you that need your help. So, lend a helping hand. Help them and love them.


wtze said...

i'm God sent!

Agnostic Christian said...

ROFL... talk about love

When you call a person 'sickening', I doubt you actually love him/her.

Oh, I mean the GAYS you refer to in your 'sickening' post.