Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Hillsong church, City Campus

Hi. Hammy here. Yes, Jim wants to tell you all about his trip to Hillsong church. Here goes:

Hello...Wonderful and glorious day it is. Yes, a group of us decided to go to Hillsong church. Yes, I was super excited. Haha, me? Attending a service in Hillsong church? Haha, I am. Anyway, this was what we saw on our way there. We walked to a designated spot where the Hillsong bus will pick us up to the church itself. How cool is that. They have a bus on their own.

Sunrise over the city of Sydney. Huhu, hot but cooling. A perfect weather for a Sunday .

No idea why I took this picture though. I thought..er...hm...anywayz...

Yes, Hillsong Church. AAAAAHHHH!!! , me so excited. I'M IN HILLSONG CHURCH!!

See, told you. They have their own bus. Cool eh...When will Zion Praise Harvest gets a bus?

Crowd outside the church, awaiting for the doors to be open, awaiting the service to start. Haha, here I come...So many people la..

This is what is it looks like inside. Check out the big screen. huhu..that's big!!!

Haha, on our way back, we stumble upon this man playing guitar and balancing another on his head. I want to do that...haha.

That's it for my trip to Hillsong church. Haha, till next time. Take care and God bless.


Chelle~ said...

Wow..Sydney is sooooo nice~~ I wanna go thr!!I know you are willing to be the tour guide for free right =) Wont be going thr so soon though..Amy will be thr 1st =P

KS said...

Oh my, tat guy's great... but i wonder how many guitars he broke b4 he can do tat wor... haha...