Monday, July 21, 2008


You heard it before, everywhere you go. People that you talk to..anyone you come across. Sweat...!! Yes, the one expression that I can say it new to me. Well, pity me. My master is one of those 'sweaty' person. So, what is it? Jim has something to say:

Yes, sweat sweat sweat...we here it like everywhere. Well, I only think we asians do it. Sweat is another word for lame (in my opinion). Someone walks to you, and tells you a very very lame joke, you will say "sweat...", or someone said something lame like,

"Aiyo, the table is too full. We can't really put anymore things on it. No space man".

"Yes, you are correct, no spaceman, but there are astronauts...".

Now, that is lame. Lameness is something you either get it naturally or you are influenced by people. Me, I got my lameness through mixing around with lame people. I wasn't lame before but as time goes by, I started to become one. How lame is that. Now, from a normal conversation, I can actually turn it into something lamer. Haha, it adds taste to it right? (at least).
Something that I still don't understand. When we want to express our lame expression, I mean, for the people who are on the receiving end, why they sweat? I mean, isn't lameness supposed to rhyme with coldness? Haha, ironic right? I mean, you sweat when it's hot. Why you still sweat when it's cold? Hm...interesting ya...Haha, the japanese anime really had much influence. I salute the Japanese animes. They really draw super well till you can actually know what they are expressing. Sad, happy, lame... they always manage to get the message across. Good good. Haha...
Anyway, back to the lame thing, why sweat huh? Interesting to know. Oh well, who cares why they call it's a lingo now. Everyone says it..haha, and I'm enjoying it..hehe, though it sometimes irritate people.

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KS said...

-_-|| sweat..... haha!!

try wiki it... how come lame is linked to sweat? hehe...